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Feminine problem

Feminine problem published on

My lipstick broke. (I own one (1) thing of lipstick. Sometimes I remember to wear it.) My attempts to repair it failed badly, so I got a new one at the grocery store today. My selection method was “Which brand is cheapest? I will buy that brand. In red.” There was an older lady standing there scrutinizing the lipsticks – I reached over her shoulder, took the one I wanted, and went to get my groceries. Having acquired my fish and pastries and gone to check out I passed the cosmetics section again. The woman was still there, studying the lipsticks.

(Yeah, I know, I can’t criticize. I do this with books and batteries.)

I saw one of my students outside of class for the first time on my way back – it was Mr. Wow, walking home from school with some other six-year-olds. I was across the street, and he was wearing his little yellow safety helmet very low over his eyes, so it was hard to see his face. But I thought I recognized the way he walked, so I waved at him.

I was correct. He stopped the friend he was walking with and waved back. “Hello!” he said in English. He stopped the friend he was with, so as to demonstrate his great Speaking English To The Gaijin Powers. “Sarah, hello! Hello!” He waved a little more, then got out his Pokemon thermos and waved that at me. “Hello hello!”

I worry that Mr. Wow’s cuteness may be used as a weapon by evil men.

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