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Kind of related?

Kind of related? published on

When I was a kid, I remember reading this very didactic Jetsons comic book* where computer animation was evil because it was incapable of producing true art, and also put true artists out of work. Luckily, the computers the big evil animation company is using break down, so they realize the error of their ways, and Elroy saves the day by making a bunch of robots to hand-draw the animation.

The divide there seemed kind of arbitrary to me even as a ten-year-old.**

I wonder if I can find scans?

* I think it was a comic book, and not an episode of the cartoon; I have this image of a big speech bubble over Elroy’s head.

** I have no idea when I would have read this, but I’m assuming this whole thing was about Toy Story. Though I guess they could’ve been reacting to ReBoot, or maybe Donkey Kong Country? But those were still just a year earlier.

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