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The variety of the contents of my fridge has a direct effect on my mood. Today I opened it and saw that I had fish, ramen, broccoli, eggs, fava beans, tomato sauce, cheese, cake, strawberries, soy milk, guava nectar, whiskey, chocolate syrup, margarine, and orange juice, and was so rendered immediately happy. And then I ate the strawberries and half the cheese, thus decreasing the variety of the fridge, and so my happiness upon the next occasion I open it.

I did go to the tea stall in the grocery and buy Presumably Quality Tea. I got a small package of 500-yen loose-leaf stuff, which smells very smoky and serious, but doesn’t actually have a lot of taste. To use Terminology, it lacks body. So I’ll probably buy some other kind of expensive tea next time. The tea lady was not snotty, as I had predicted – she got very enthusiastic explaining the tea stamp card to me. Evidently it gets you some free tea when you fill it up. In general, when Japanese commerce inflicts stamp cards on me, the cashiers look at me uncomfortably, say “stamp card desu,” and hope I don’t ask any questions. Maybe she hadn’t had many customers that day.

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