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Yes! They may move Mr. Wow into Zuzu’s class! That would work so much better than this business of sticking him in with Miss Dolphin’s drama group. Maybe I’m being too protective of Mr. Wow, but he looks so sad when he comes up with a really good sentence, and then realizes no one heard it because Mr. Bug was yelling something again. I have maternal instincts for nerdy kids.

He really, really wants everyone else to be as enthusiastic about class as he is. Last week we were playing a sort of matching game with two sets of flash cards, and he seemed unhappy with the lack of interest Mr. Bug and Mr. Hypochondriac were showing. So, whenever he presented a matching card, he started sort doing jazz hands and singing a little fanfare. Look, you guys! The card game is fun! He looked utterly dejected Mr. Bug began doing his fanfare in a sarcastic tone, and still didn’t care about the game.

Miss Dolphin’s mostly being nice to him, but we did have an incident where she picked him up last week. She said to Mr. Hypochondriac, “Look! I picked up the first-grader!” (You’re only a year older than he is, Miss Dolphin…) Mr. Wow was very alarmed by this development, but as he’s too polite to fight back, I had to rescue him from her. Stand up for yourself, Mr. Wow!

The owner let me put another kid in Mr. Sleepyhead’s class, but now Sleepyhead’s missed the last two classes’ regular times and come in for make-ups alone. I suspect this may be deliberate on the owner’s part. He keeps trying to make me consolidate other classes like this, but apparently what’s good enough for the other students isn’t good enough for his kid. I really wanted someone else in this new girl’s class – she finds me kind of scary – and Mr. Sleepyhead’s the only one close to her age and level.

Mr. Sleepyhead is not allowed to be a doctor when he grows up. We played a doctor game today, and he threw my baby. (My baby was the stuffed elephant.) Then he mixed a bunch of his medicines together, drank them, and passed out on his desk. If Kubo Tite could write villains like Dr. Sleepyhead, Bleach would be a lot more interesting.

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