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Important Japanese language research

Important Japanese language research published on

I think I may have discovered Japanese fandom’s equivalent term for “little black dress” – I think it’s “kokontouzai” (古今東西), which means basically “whenever wherever.” I have come to this conclusion entirely because someone called Oroshi’s blog calls Frog that.

Look, I even translated the relevant part of the entry! Very badly. Please correct me if you see mistakes because this is SERIOUS ACADEMIC WORK GOING ON RIGHT HERE.

I wasn’t going to continue with Chrono Trigger, but Ao-san said in her journal that Frog was awesome so [I sort of felt I had to?]. [something involving the Japanese usage of the English word “tension,” which I totally don’t get] Yeah, Frog’s pretty awesome…!

[Picture Caption: Maoh and Frog.]

She didn’t feel like writing out the whole complicated kanji for “Ma,” so there’s just a squiggle inside the box. Wow, I didn’t even know you could do that! All my kanji will henceforth be squiggles. It’ll be fine.

Lucca/Frog is good, but I really like Maoh/Frog. You can pair Frog with anyone, though. Everyone loves Frog…! *favoritism*

[Comic Script:

Chrono: Frog’s kind of the kokontouzai, huh?

Maoh’s Journal: Observation Journal

Arrow Pointing to Maoh’s Journal: Frog love

Labels Over Lucca: a straw and a firecracker

Frog: You, you’re worse than the demons!

Chrono: A twisted love…

Lucca: Huh?]

(Please google frog straw firecracker if you do not know how to interpret what Lucca is holding. Or, don’t google it. That might be better.)

I realize that this is a stupid joke, sorry. Twisted love, huh! *silence*

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