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No one will understand this post.

No one will understand this post. published on

I always forget to make sure Ayla’s in my party for the Blackbird. I always forget to save before going to talk to the Elder, too, so I can never go back and fix it. You’d think I’d learn eventually.

Spoilers up to Death Peak: “Know that I will not hesitate to take your life should you prove a hindrance.” Aw, I know that, Magus, you big goof. Here, let me pat you on the head. Now, are you sure you don’t want to go back and get your kitty? I just worry you might get a little lonely, hanging around here at the end of time all the time.

Ohh, so that’s why people ship Magus with Lucca – he’s only got those two triple techs, and they’re both with her! (Well, also she’s the only unattached female character who’s neither 1) dead and his sister, nor 2) insane and his mother.)

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