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I love Chrono Trigger so much.

I love Chrono Trigger so much. published on

And I discover new reasons to love it every time I replay it! For instance, thanks to the internet, I now know why the cavewoman’s name is “Ayla.” I didn’t last time! It enhances the experience!

Also, either the SNES translation lied to me, or I’ve had my gender-default goggles and and missed evidence to the contrary – the DS translation assures me that the ruler of the dinosaur people, Azala, is a woman! I thought she was a guy before. This is actually pretty consistent with the game’s ideas about power, because with the exception of Magus, all the other active political leaders in the game are female. We see Ayla, Queen Leene, and Queen Zeal moving around and doing things and interacting with people, but the male leaders – the two kings, the various village elders, the other cavepeople leader – are mostly shown sitting or standing still. Sometimes they get hurt, or somebody betrays them. This is an uncommon reversal! It makes me happy!

Lucca panicking and issuing denials regarding her sexuality when Ayla says she likes strong women is hilarious. I can’t believe I missed that. Was it different in the SNES translation?

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