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Precious Dragon, by Liz Williams

Precious Dragon, by Liz Williams published on 1 Comment on Precious Dragon, by Liz Williams

This book had all the pacing problems of the last one and then some, plus some extra bonus gender issues. I think Williams had a checklist rather than a plot in mind when she wrote it. This is her checklist:

* ghost wedding

* warrior woman

* dragons

* opera

* penis building

* and Zhu Irzh should TOTALLY have a sister named “Daisy.”

The warrior woman got kidnapped.

Unless someone says something really compelling about book four, I think this is where I drop the series.

(The ghost wedding scene was really great, though.)

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And wasn’t there a random change between the appearance of the Storm Lords that was left totally unexplained? That’s the thing that bothers me the most. They looked human-like in Demon and the City and now they’re what? Centipedes?? It also seems she can’t make up her mind about Badger. She keeps going back an forth describing it as “a creature of the earth” then a “demon”.

I hope Zhu Irzh dumps Jhai, I’m sick of her already. As for the fourth book it’s been delayed a whole year and I’m getting really annoyed about it. But I still plan to get it even though Precious Dragon was a bit iffy on quality. It’s really hard to find a series like this one ( I’m cover-racist, so I never pick up books with a photo for the cover. The book covers for this series are beautiful)