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Mutter mutter

Mutter mutter published on

The Broodmaster quit today. I have not been posting about his classes because they’re infuriating for a wide variety of reasons, chiefly 1) his Dad, 2) my employers, and 3) himself. Basically, he was placed in way too high a level of a textbook, apparently at his Dad’s insistence, and my employers were reluctant to either move him into another book (which would require diplomacy with Obnoxious Dad) or buy me the supplementary materials I would need to try and keep him somewhere near okay in the current one. There’s a cheapness-induced level-gap in the kind of textbooks we’ve got around, and the Broodmaster is in it. We have literally nothing I can use with him. This meant I was spending three or four times longer preparing for him than for anyone else, and I still could never be sure when something I brought in was going to be too easy or too hard.

So, he quit. And I’d been expecting it, and I did what I could, and both he and his Dad are jerks anyway. And I know they’ve even got another student planned to slot into his place already. But I’m still in a bad mood.

Mee and Conan’s mom had a doctor’s appointment today and was going to be late picking up Conan, whose class is right before Mee’s. So I had Conan stay in the classroom with us while Mee had her lessons. She was playing Mario 64 on Mee’s DS, and kept making outraged little five-year-old sounds when Mario died. Mee decided Conan needed to come over and play with us when I brought out Go Fish, which I quickly realized I shouldn’t have allowed, because Mee spent more time explaining the rules to Conan than she did forming English sentences for me.

But they were very cute together, up until the moment at the end of class when Mee kicked Conan.

Argh, Mee! I had to yell at her and make her apologize, which she did not do very sincerely. I know this is perfectly in-character for her Moomin persona – tormenting sisters is what a Mee does – but it was massively disillusioning following their earlier adorability.

I met them on the elevator on my way back from lunch – I’d had to leave them with the other teacher to eat because their mom still wasn’t there – and Mee and Conan again grabbed me and tried to get me to go to eat with them. This was very cute, but I both had already eaten and didn’t have time. (And though their mom did not look horrified by the suggestion like their grandmother did, I’m not exactly going to take them up on this without her outright invitation.)

Conan at this juncture reported to her mother that I am 23 – she said it in both Japanese and English, very proud of herself for knowing double-digit numbers. Her mother was startled at this information. “But that’s so young!” How old do I look, exactly? Or is this in reaction to my teaching the kids? I know there are at least two teachers my age at the juku.

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