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My physical state disgusts me.

My physical state disgusts me. published on

I have lost just enough weight to render nearly all my clothes, including the stuff I got for Christmas, too big. Of stuff I can wear to work, I have one pair of pants, one turtleneck, and two jackets that aren’t baggy.

I couldn’t figure out why I was losing weight at first, because I’m eating more than I did in Okazaki, but then it came to me – I spend half the day running around after little kids. That I do not think of this as exercise does not alter its effect as such.

I have attempted to go shopping. Why does this country have SUCH POOR COLOR SENSE. How am I supposed to maintain my red-only color scheme if the stuff in my size is all mauve, neon yellow, and this vaguely nauseous shade of aquamarine? And it’s all got ruffles. I saw a blazer that was almost okay except for superfluous ruffles down all the seams. And I saw some blouses that would have been fine except for big frills around the collar. Do you think this is funny, Japan? I want a plain white button-down shirt and a plain brown blazer. Are you seriously incapable of providing these items? Is this like hard somehow?

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