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I hate you all.

I hate you all. published on

Cut for hissy fit. Mr. Weepy, Miss Minnow, Spaztastic, and Blue were all awful today (Blue is never bad) and it was their parents’ faults, and I wish to destroy said parents utterly. If you refuse to discipline your kids for fighting and throwing tantrums outside the classroom, you validate the behavior – they’re convinced I’m being unfair when I punish them for it, which makes them get worse.

It also doesn’t help when you talk in front of your kid about how you don’t know about this whole “woman teacher” thing. (Madam, have you taken a look at your country’s public school system lately?) My authority over the kids extends from yours – particularly given that you are always sitting right outside watching. Fine if you don’t like me, but please don’t say it in front of your kid, because she’s not going to listen to someone she knows her mom doesn’t respect.

(Mr. Weepy’s classmate Mr. Clown was great – he’s very even-tempered, and I can give him the blocks and leave him to play by himself for a minute if Mr. Weepy starts freaking out – as were Zip and Zoh, who are BFFs and the cutest things in the universe.)

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