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The Devil and Goody Proctor again.

The Devil and Goody Proctor again. published on

They were pretty good again today, but I’m nonetheless all annoyed at the Devil.

One of the other classes’ homework was to write “Sarah is the worst singer” three times. (The school is too cheap to buy the workbooks we’re supposed to have, so that’s how homework is assigned here – the older kids copy sentences, the younger ones words. Not all the homework mocks my singing, but some of it does.)

One girl, Kitty, did this and then wrote “The Devil is the best singer” seven times. I saw them playing together after class and asked Kitty, “Who is the best singer?” She hunched her shoulders and glared at me. It was cute.

It should be noted at this point that Kitty is one of exactly three students I have who is even mildly overweight, and that as one might expect of a Japanese middle-schooler, she seems to be kind of sensitive about it.

I’ve drawn little pictures of some of the kids’ faces to use in games. Today I’d written a sentence with blanks in it on the board: “____ is ____ er than ____ .” I gave Goody Proctor and the Devil some flashcards with nouns and adjectives on them, plus pictures of their faces and mine, and had them form sentences with them.

Goody Proctor spotted the pile of other people’s faces. “Who are they?”

I held a couple up and named them. “Oh,” said the Devil excitedly, “Do you have Kitty?”

I did, and gave her the paper Kitty. She carefully formed the sentence, “Kitty is heavier than Goody Proctor and the Devil.”

So though she did not overtly misbehave today, I’m somewhat less than thrilled with the Devil right now.

(Goody Proctor did “Sarah is heavier than Goody Proctor and the Devil,” but that was pretty inevitable. I’m just surprised neither of them thought to work the “fire engine” or “police car” flashcards in there.)

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