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Oh, and,

Oh, and, published on

Somehow or other, a four-year-old whose Mom is thinking about enrolling him ended up sitting in on my class with Mr. Wow today. I’d been told his Mom would just be out there watching, but nope, they sent him into the classroom.

Mr. Wow is named both for his fondness for the word “wow” and for his habit of surprising me by how quickly he catches onto everything. He’s only six, but he’s on about the same level as most of the eight- and nine-year-olds. And I’m thinking of speeding up his lessons some more, because I end up running out of activities before class is over.

So the four-year-old was totally lost, so I finished up Mr. Wow’s stuff early and spent the last twenty minutes on simple games he could join in. (I think four-year-old’s Mom’s actually already decided to enroll him, but I don’t feel I know him well enough to assign a blogname yet.) If I’d known about this in advance, I’d probably have been worried that Mr. Wow would be a little stuffy about the kid in the room – he knows he’s smart, because adults tell him so all the time. But Mr. Wow was awesome. He was totally a little nanny, helping me corral the kid back into the room when he tried to run outside, offering him toys and showing him how to play the games and everything.

Our vocab for the month is injury-and-disease-related words: “I have a [cough, headache, sore throat, etc.].” is the sentence they’ve got to get down. When we were doing coloring at the end of class, four year old kept up a constant stream of chatter about what he was doing to his sheet. Mr. Wow commented to me in Japanese, “He’s pretty noisy, isn’t he.”

“Yeah, well, he’s four.”

Mr. Wow nodded – and I think he actually understood the sentence. He said in English, “I have an earache!”

And basically I laughed at that for the rest of class. (Shut up, this is really impressive. I’ve never had any of the other kids his age make a joke in English.)

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