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My one class on Thursday: Mr. Rat, age 9

My one class on Thursday: Mr. Rat, age 9 published on

(We’re drilling a list of adjectives he had to study.)

Me: Is the elephant fat?

Mr. Rat: Yes yes yes.

Me: Are you tall?

Mr. Rat: No no no.

Me: Is your mother pretty?

Mr. Rat:

Me: Pretty! (I do the prettiness gesture. (It’s hard to describe.))

Mr. Rat, in Japanese: I know what it means, I’ve just got to think about it…

Me: What? Why?

Mr. Rat, in Japanese: She’s okay, I guess.

Mr. Rat’s other bad habits include sticking the toys in his crotch and gesturing. There was one incident where he actually put some marbles in his pants. I washed them afterwards.

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