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Today was the Doll Festival.

Today was the Doll Festival. published on

Me: So after today is that song (I don’t know how to say “going to be taken out of rotation all the PA systems”) going to go away?

Manager: “Go away?” You mean the “let’s put out dolls” song? You don’t like it?

Me: It’s playing everywhere! All the time! And it’s creepy!

Manager: It’s not creepy! It’s the little girls’ song!

Me: It sounds like (I don’t know how to say “haunted house theme music”) ghosts are going to come out.

Manager: “It sounds like ghosts are going to come out…” *laughs at my 5-year-old-ish phrasing for several minutes*

I’m glad my imperfect Japanese affords people some amusement.

Also, for a second Doll Festival-themed products made me think Marshmallow Peeps had finally infiltrated Japan:


Obviously I had to buy the baby chick and see what it was made of. The answer is “sweet bean paste,” also known as “my one true love.” It was good!

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