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I totally take back the affectionate tone of my previous post about Miss Minnow. Today she got all snotty and decided she didn’t want to play Jenga with the other two. She went over and lounged boredly in one of the little toy chairs, saying in a disdainful tone, “You can play your game without me.” (Blue looked stricken.) No, I said. She said, “I’m not playing! It’s stupid! You’re stupid!” I pointed at the floor beside me. She kicked the wall and screamed. I picked her up and carried her over. She scratched up the back of my hand with her little fingernails.

Sweetheart, I appreciate that it’s hard to be convincingly moody and aloof when you’re, like, six. But you just drew blood from somebody who 1) is holding a bright blue whiteboard marker and 2) has a long and storied history of drawing Pikachu on inappropriate things.

The end result might not look as hardcore as you might expect, is basically what I’m saying.

(I didn’t draw on her, but I seriously wanted to for a second.)

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