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Cute things

Cute things published on

Ed Book is a nature photographer whose photo blog I’ve been reading for like… six years? I know I found it before I left home for college. Generally he’ll post pictures of hawks or foggy lakes or snow on mountains or suchlike, and talk about nice people and their dogs he met while out working. He’s in his sixties and has a large, impressive beard. His usericons are all picture of himself looking like he’s about to, you know, cut down a tree or sail a shrimp boat or deliver presents to all the children of the world. He ends every post with the word “peace.”

Sometime in the last couple weeks he appears to have discovered Rickrolling. I was a little startled.

(He only does it under friends-lock, so you will have to friend him if you don’t want to take my word for it. He just now made a gleeful post about doing it to some telemarketers.)

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