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Mini-monkey! published on

Cute thing from class on Saturday. That morning I had Little Miss Conan’s eleven-year-old sister, whom I shall call Mee because that’s what you call Little My in Japanese, in a private lesson. I was teaching her “favorite” and “least favorite.”

I asked her what her three favorite animals were. Her answers, in descending order: “Pony, white tiger, goat.”

Then she changed her mind about the goat. “No, no. Mini monkey!”

“…Mini monkey?”

“Mini monkey! I like mini monkey!” Then, in Japanese: “Wait, how do you say a monkey’s baby? A little monkey?”

I considered this. “Baby monkeys?”

“Okay! I like baby monkey!”

Only baby monkeys, now, folks. Don’t go giving Mee any grown-up monkeys. That shit will not fly.

(I then drilled her on the plural form, yes.)

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