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Complicated Dreams

Complicated Dreams published on

A girl called the Monkey has been chosen to lead the Host of Heaven, who are made of metal and have no eyes. Much of the world below them is in ruins from the Host’s attempts to conquer the people there. Once they have the Monkey, they will begin the final assault.

So the Monkey has run from them for a long time, having adventures and rescuing people and making new friends, elves and ghosts and animals and humans. She is only thirteen or fourteen, but is probably the greatest martial artist in the world.

Most of her friends think that is why the angels want her. But the quiet and cool-tempered Princess, who is helping to coordinate resistance against the Host, and whom the Monkey has rescued from them over and over and over, thinks there is another reason. Something the Monkey already knows, but does not want to admit to herself. The Monkey keeps her distance from the Princess, telling herself it is to protect her.

The Princess has a little brother who looks just like her and never talks, but smiles a lot; the Princess does not smile. They are almost always together. The Host, when they capture the Princess, always seem to separate her from the Prince. The Host live in huge ships and houses that gleam white and silver, so bright that humans can’t see well inside them sometimes.

One day the Princess and Prince have been forced to sneak into one of these ships, trying to get someplace on one of the Princess’s mysterious errands. The Monkey is only there because, losing a fight, she jumped from an airship into the ocean. But having found the Princess and Prince on the boat she sneaked onto, she feels she must stay and take care of them. (She is a strong swimmer, and could make for shore if she wanted.)

There is an announcement over the ship’s intercom – the Host suspects that there are fugitives on board, and will be searching. The Monkey hides, because she is easy for the Host to recognize, and also because she looks like the sort of girl who would play hide-and-seek – if the humans notice her hiding, they will not think anything of it.

But the Princess, though a little younger than the Monkey, carries herself with a dignity as deep as the ocean – someone like her cannot run or hide without drawing attention. She shuts her smiling brother in a cupboard and sits quietly reading and smoothing her dress, hoping to be overlooked. She does not look ordinary, but looks forbidding, like someone whose reasons are none of your business. Perhaps it will even work on the Host.

The Host announces that they will use a special machine to scan the ship for criminals, and an even brighter light flashes, heat coming with it. “Two unauthorized female passengers.” That is the Monkey and the Princess – but what about the Prince?

If the scan cannot sense him, that means his body is not warm like a human’s. What is he?

The Monkey, from her hiding place, sees the Princess shoving her brother into the water, then jumping in after him. She will have to ask the Princess some other time – now, she must create a distraction for her.

They all escape the ship, but the Monkey never sees the Princess again.

Several years later, walking alone by an empty roadside, she is finally captured by the Host.

Now she lives in a room high in a floating city, the capital of heaven. It is full of red machines, and the Host come in and out all day, asking her questions about the running of the city. Sometimes, feeling sleepy, she answers as though she really is their leader – sometimes she tries furiously to escape.

She has jumped from the ship into the sky over and over and over, but the angels always catch her.

She thinks she looks different now. She has nightmares where they bring her to an all-red room to “finish” her, to perform the last operation needed to make her into metal, and when she gets there they only show her a mirror. She has been one of them all along.

One day the Prince sneaks in to see her. Though he seems to remember her, he is not the same Prince she knew – he is older now, and his face and hair are different. He has learned to talk, and when she touches his hand it is warm. Whoever he is, he wants to help her escape, but she does not think he understands. She sends him to someone who she thinks will get him home. He does not tell her where his sister is, and she does not ask.

But later that day, she thinks angrily of the Princess, and runs one more time for the edge of the upper deck. She feels the Host laughing at her – hasn’t she tried this before? This time, when the Host catches her, she breaks the arms off the first two, and then more and more of them, until finally they cannot keep up with her fall anymore. She is not as strong as she was before, and does not know if she will live or die this time. She hits the ground under a chestnut tree, and begins walking.

This dream cites:

Monkey vs Heaven theme – Journey to the West

The Host – Dr. Who

The Princess – Anthy and Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Marie from Rondo of Swords

Texturing, modelling, and gameplay controls (most of my dreams have controls) – World of Warcraft before Monkey got captured, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after

The Capital of Heaven – that Mad Scientist’s Basement dungeon with the freaky music from Soul Blazer, Zeal from Crono Trigger, Tiphares from Battle Angel Alita

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