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Financial Risk Evaluation Fail

Financial Risk Evaluation Fail published on

Things I know are stupid but did anyway: buying $10 snow boots. I know better than this! Even Terry Pratchett has warned me against it! (See: Vimes boots theory of wealth, I forget which book.) Yet I did it anyway. The $10 boots contained a hidden fee of $20 in taxi fare when they ceased to perform their core function of keeping snow off my friggin’ feet today, and I needed to get home before frostbite set in.

(Coincidentally, one of the goals of today’s expedition was my health insurance card. Would’ve been bad to be hospitalized before I got that.)

Afterwards, I went back to the shoe store and bought some big galoshes. Apparently, when designing galoshes, there is a sort of cosmic balance to which one must adhere, preventing attractive galoshes from getting too much traction in the slush, and vice-versa. Cuteness and Traction are opposing forces in the universe, like good and evil, and the vampires and the lichens in Underworld.

The ones I really liked had kind of crappy soles, is what I’m saying here. Sorry, I need to go get some food pretty soon.

The ones I ended up getting are moderately attractive and have moderately good traction. Apparently they’re by some Gothic and Lolita design house:


Edit: Having posted that, I now see that the boots match my blog. The social event at which this would render me stylish has, regrettably, yet to be invented.

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