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Adventures In Conspicuous Consumption In Japan

Adventures In Conspicuous Consumption In Japan published on

Photos of stores in Tokyo! And one in Shibata.

(Actually, I think the only one of these places at which I spent any money was the shinkansen…)

Akihabara loves slimes.

…I have no idea what the hell this is all about. I guess this company licenses characters, sticks Kewpie-doll faces on them, and sells them as cell phone charms, and… profit? I don’t know if profit is involved. I would be surprised if there was profit involved.

They are sort of the opposite of cute.

There were a lot of these things. Why, Akihabara? Why?

I can at least understand the psychology behind the humping dog toys. (Their little feet pedal, and it’s dreadful. There was a guy standing there considering them thoughtfully the whole time I was there.)

Four different types of lolicon maid fetish cookies. I think they’re all from different companies, even – I mean, it’s not just that some cookie maker out there thought, independent of reason and the market, “Hey! Let’s sell cookies themed around little girls in maid outfits to middle-aged men!” and he will shortly be ejected from the laissez fair because he didn’t get a health permit for that parrot. The market for lolicon maid fetish cookies is big enough that there’s room for competition.

It appears as if Lush exists in Japan. (We are no longer in Akihabara; we are in Tsudanuma.)

Baskin Robbins and KFC – in Tokyo! KFC is the sum of most Japanese people’s knowledge about Kentucky. (People talk to me about chicken a lot.)

The bishounen store, in Ginza. It had pictures of very pretty guys plastered all over it, and I couldn’t figure out what they were selling. From the pictures, it looks like it’s expensive male grooming products, but I couldn’t actually see anything like that inside. The clerks all seemed to be attractive young women, so I’m assuming the target market was guys, but…

Coffee with a cuss word in its name. (It’s actually an American chain based in Hawaii, though I’d never heard of it.)

An overpriced bento purchased on the shinkansen. The colorful leaf-shaped thing is a fish sausage. It tasted like a fish sausage?

…Oh, Book-Off…

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