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I walked home in heavy snow tonight. The sun went down hours ago, but the bright blue-white streetlights on the snow made it feel like just dusk – the streets looked bizarre and desaturated, like a black-and-white photo. It’s very quiet. I saw only a few sets of footprints aside from my own.

Someone had come along just after someone else and, realizing that she and her predecessor wore the same boots, matched her stride perfectly to the other’s, making it look as if a single person had gone down the street, hopping, two feet planted firmly beside each other. Near the apartment I saw hard little prints that looked like a deer’s, meandering alongside a set of bootprints. The feet were too close together to be a deer; I think someone who lives near here puts shoes on their dog.

For most of the sidewalk home, though, I was the first person who had walked there in at least half an hour. Everyone else here drives.

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