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Made my first child cry today!

Made my first child cry today! published on 1 Comment on Made my first child cry today!

Yup. We were drawing pictures, and he abruptly decided his wasn’t good enough, so he jumped up, ran outside, sat in his Mommy’s lap, and cried for the last five minutes of class. I’d been warned that he was pretty timid, but he seemed fine until right up until the end of the number flashcards, which was why I switched to drawing. Apparently this was not soothing enough.

I’d actually been told that an entirely different kid today was a perennial crier, but the girl in question showed zero sign of that in front of me. She did, however, encourage her friend to run out of the room with her at one point. I’ve only been doing this three days, but I’m already noticing a pattern: The female students that the previous (male) teacher says are shy and weepy are exactly the ones who see me, narrow their eyes, and start trying to pick a fight. For certain little girls, tears are power.

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