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ICICLES IN MY HAIR published on

It had been drizzling all day, but a few minutes from my apartment it turned into a downpour, and then suddenly hail, coming horizontally from behind, like being hit in the back with birdshot. I immediately forgot where I was. I got my map out, and now the ink from the notes I made on it is running.

Though I spent most of my time in Tokyo being bludgeoned to death with textbooks with amusing names (Strategies in Speaking?), I did have a couple days to wander around and be touristy. I took a bunch of photos, but need to sort through them before I upload them. Never trust a cheap cameraphone to give photos logical filenames! My King Metal Slime pictures are all mixed up with my Imperial Palace pictures. I will try to post them here in the next couple days.

Oh, and I taught small children English all by myself. Assigned homework, even! The first three classes were fine. The last had a dreadful parent who made me quiz his son for a test way above his present level, thus rendering me complicit in the destruction of the child’s self-esteem. I did not assign this student homework. And I will kill his dad.

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