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What Happened Today (or, yesterday, by now)

What Happened Today (or, yesterday, by now) published on

* I wake up way too early because the house is freezing.

* There is a holiday-related thing I need to do before one of my sisters wakes up – this would be a good time to do it. I forget, turn the heat on, and go back to sleep.

* I get up at 11:00, feeling sick because I slept way too long. My sisters are both awake already.

* I realize that I forgot to call the Japanese consulate yesterday to ask where the heck my visa is – it should have shown up Monday at the latest. I call.

* They never received one of my forms, and they need it – in the original – before they can issue the visa. (I spent like $35 bucks sending all this crap two weeks ago, did I mention that?) Upon being told that I’m leaving the country in less than two weeks – about half of which are vacation days for the consulate, and several of which are vacation days for the post office – the woman I talk to says that I fax them the form today, she’ll try to get it out in the mail before they close. But I really need to mail in an original, too.

* The printer is fucking broken.

* We don’t have a fax machine anyway. The eighties have been over for like at least fifteen fucking years, I checked.

* I call Mom and ask if her office has a working printer and fax machine – it does – and say I’ll be there in a few minutes.

* And the car is gone. thegeekgene took it someplace. I break into her room and eat her N64.

* I call Mom and ask her if she can come get me.

* It occurs to me when we’re halfway there I could have just done the fax part of this from the house, because we do have a working scanner, I know how to use Photoshop, and exists.

* After faxing the form, I go pick up some stuff for Mom, then go to the post office to mail the hard-copy. I lock myself out of the car. I call Mom and discover that this car has only one key. Two expensive and highly cold-sensitive presents are trapped inside.

* I go into the post office to mail the form. Just as I’m handing the envelope across the desk, my cell phone rings – the original copy has just shown up at the consulate. I haven’t paid yet! Hurrah!

* I sit in the post office and play Professor Layton and the Curious Village for twenty minutes until Dad shows up with a key he somehow got made.

* I finally manage to finish my orc’s Chief Brigadier armor set! But it’s more revealing than I realized.

Cut for overly sexy orc:

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