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What I Learned Today

What I Learned Today published on

* About 80% of the area has histoplasmosis, a disease caused by inhalation of a certain fungus. Mom is among that percentage. The doctor she saw said that the evidence it had left was “impressive.” (It is not, however, why her chest suddenly started hurting – that’s the pleurisy. The histo is apparently just decorative.) The fungus in question is known to grow particularly well in bat guano, to which Mom was exposed in large quantities as a child. Her Bats In The Attic bedtime story apparently has an epilogue.

* The inside of the people across the road’s house is kind of cute.

* A difference between Japanese and Kentuckian liquor stores: Kentuckian liquor stores keep the small bottles behind the counter to make them harder to shoplift. Also, Baileys is cheaper in Japan. (My presence in the liquor store had no bearing on Mom’s prognosis, which is fine.)

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