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Kyou Kara Maoh, 38-44

Kyou Kara Maoh, 38-44 published on

Posting stuff I wrote while the internet was down. Spoilers below the cut:


I like how nonchalant Yuuri is about being a father now. “Say, I have a daughter about your age.”

“The Maoh trusts you,” Konrad tells Girl He Knows Nothing About. He knows this because Yuuri trusts everybody. Yuuri trusted some cereal this morning. Later he plans to trust a tricorn hat and a box of “Uncle Ben’s” instant wild rice.

All of Francshire’s national heritage sites are set up with self-destruct switches.


Yuuri transformed without having to have a ridiculous Emotional Stress scene. (Also known as a “No, Boom!” (thank you, Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga)) Good for him. He even kept the speech pretty brief.

So over the course of a single episode, they forgot that Francshire was Fake India (With Inexplicable French Names) and turned it into Fake South America, then forgot it was Fake South America went back to Fake Europe?


(The subs apparently switch to spelling it “Conrad” in this episode.)

Conrad is brooding at passing horse butts. I can imagine some pretty hilarious inner brood-monologue for this. “To do such cruel things… perhaps I am not so different from these horse butts…”

Yozak can fish, cross-dress, kill people, and build a cradle. He can do anything.

“What box? There’s nothing here but vegetables!” Murata is better at lying to his friends than his enemies.

I don’t know why they brought Geigen Huber along. All he ever does is narrow his eyes at things. He doesn’t even bother to yell “Conrad, why!?” with everybody else. Greta or Nicola would probably have been more useful, as they could have used their Nice Girl God-Modes to stop Leila from committing evil deeds.

It appears that Belal has finally discerned the subtle pattern in the behavior of defector Mazoku. (Subtle pattern: later, they defect back.)

Rule #46 Of Anime Executions (Outdoors): A hawk has got to soar over a dude’s head and scream.

(Seriously, Geigen Huber doesn’t even get an intense-looking close-up of his own at the execution – he has to share one with Leila.)

Why are the Demon Kingdom’s flags so cheery? Happy suns and aquamarine triangles? What?

The explanation for Conrad’s bullshit is going to be deeply stupid, isn’t it?


Geigen Huber hangs around with the guards in the dungeon, reminiscing about all the time he’s spent in dungeons, being mutilated.

I really, really don’t like this stupid see-through thing Cheri’s wearing. It’s drawn so badly it looks like she’s got a skin disease.

I stick my fingers in my ears and pretend that Ulrike did not just say that Cheri was just made Maoh so she could give birth to Conrad.

Who gave Conrad his old uniform back, anyway?

Holy shit, it is a scene in which Geigen Huber has dialog.

I really was hoping the first time Wolfram called Conrad his brother would be while yelling at him to stop killing somebody. (Though Conrad only gets “ani” (“elder brother”) instead of Gwendal’s “aniue” (“honored elder brother”) like Gwendal. My Japanese skills do not equip me to discern whether this is a sign of affection, an insult, or both.)

Oh. Actually, that’s a pretty good reason for Conrad to not be in Shin Makoku. I mean, it doesn’t require secrecy and stabbing, but it’s a reasonable concern.

I like that a flashback is necessary to remind Yuuri that he recently buried Conrad’s arm at sea and so Conrad shouldn’t have both arms.

“Please take me along as well.” NO GEIGEN HUBER YOU CAN’T COME go knock up your wife again or something


Dr. Rodriguez is back! And he’s the obligatory Gaijin Otaku! Hooray! (Yuuri does not understand the magical draw of Akihabara.)

Yuuri’s brother Sho is a serious glasses-wearing overachiever, with a brother complex, who plays dating sims, and one of them has a girl who looks like Wolfram and says “hen na choko.” Excellent.

Wow, they actually got some fluent English speakers to do the dialog here. That never happens.

I love Jennifer bitching about kimono-zuki Americans. (I particularly love it because most of the actual Japanese women I’ve met are way too polite to do so.)

Sho is going to cause problems.


Greta thinks cicadas are cute. Good for her.

You know, Geigen Huber has this really badass past, what with the eye trauma and suicide attempts and everything – but, somehow? He’s not at all interesting.

Yuuri is a serial kidnapper.

I would so have approved if they had announced there that Conrad had six love-children scattered around the world.

Stouffer’s presence always causes me pain.

Dannng! The baby kited Azuregos to Orgrimmar!

This episode is proof that little girls are the true power in Kyou Kara Maoh.


Required for every anime: the episode where an omnipotent little kid wants someone to play with him/her.

Hey, I think this is the first time anyone in KKM’s done battle with their Jungian double! I’m surprised it took so long for them to hit that one!

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