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Dad may not have another cat.

Dad may not have another cat. published on

Me: We need to take the cat to the shelter fast. Dad’s named it.

Mom: Oh, no. What did he name it?

Me: Corbin.

Mom: (sighs)


Dad, in a sad little voice: We’re keeping him.

Mom: You are incorrect.

Dad: He has a name, his name is Corbin –

Mom: No –

Dad: – he’s very fuzzy and he likes to have his belly rubbed. Here, listen (attempts to push cat on Mom) – listen to his motor, he’s purring really loud –

Mom: We can have that cat if you get rid of two of the others.

Dad:(to the cat) The Wicked Witch of the West! She’s the Witch, isn’t she, isn’t she, Corbin.

People dump animals near our house a lot. Possibly it’s because they know about Dad.

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