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Kyou Kara Maoh 22-26

Kyou Kara Maoh 22-26 published on

(Basically liveblogging, except, uh, I didn’t post it live?)

Cut for spoilers:


Gunter writes fanfic, too! He should compare notes with the three doujinka girls.

Why is the villain named “Louis Vuitton.” And dressed like a cheap production of the Merchant of Venice. And lovingly patting his pet lobster. Is that like an euphemism.

You guys. If the bad guy is sitting all by himself in a dimly-lit room? He either has goons hiding in the shadows, or a trap door. Which are you guys hoping for? Goons, or trap door? ’cause you have got to be expecting one or the other.


There exists no anime that would not be improved by drop-bear vs panda fights. Gasaraki? Could have benefited substantially. Princess Tutu? Ahiru wearing a panda costume would be awesome. Gankutsuoh? There may have been one in there, actually.

Gunter’s fanfiction is so powerfully spiritual that even the sutras cannot compete. (I like how Dorcas is totally using the sutra-reading voice there.)

Geigen Huber – even more promiscuous than Yuuri. Keep an eye on those two, Wolfram.


Gunter makes Dorcas manufacture his sparkles. I’m disappointed in you, Gunter.

You know, Julia was like several hundred years old, right? As in, Not A Baby. I call bullshit on this whole thing. While I will acknowledge that her death was a conspiracy, she clearly carries most of the blame herself. This whole situation could have been avoided if people had been willing to acknowledge that she was kinda stupid.


Sorry, Greta. Not cute enough for Gwendal. Come back when you’ve grown fur and whiskers.

Nicola, don’t take the man UP A TOWER. You KNOW he’s the kind of bastard who’s gonna go jumping off towers.


Annissina’s Mary Sue fanfic is even better than Gunter’s.

Why does Konrad even need a desk? Is it just so he can drive Gwendal and Gunter crazy by having nothing on it?

Stouffer = very good at nodding. I’ll give him that one. He can nod with the best of them.

YUURI IS JULIA’S REINCARNATION hah I knew it. (Actually, I thought she was going to be Murata Ken’s previous incarnation, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH.)

…I want those magic NASA language tapes Dreadlocks has.

I still love how the Demon King of Earth’s name is Bob.

So, wait, why does Konrad know the Maoh’s going to be a guy? Is that why he’s being such a jerk? Who decided this? Did Julia? What stage of pregnancy are we at, here? Does this anime argue that a child does not have a soul until birth? (Actually, I think that might be consistent with the general Japanese attitude towards abortion…)

And why are they drinking a blush? I mean, it’s not very demonic.

Prediction as of 18:17 – Christine, the future Demon King of Earth, is Murata Ken! Totally difficult prediction, given that he’s the ONLY OTHER NAMED CHARACTER YUURI’S AGE.

Konrad = STALKER.

Apparently, Konrad’s only two possessions are a rubber ducky and a baseball glove. Gwendal should loan him some stuff.

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