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Piff on your newfangled crowdsourcing.

Piff on your newfangled crowdsourcing. published on

Cut for vague, incoherent muttering.

Since I put my Flickr stuff under a CC license, occasionally people on this site NowPublic have been requesting to use my photos in news stories they write. It looks like they select a tag relating to the story (the ones that led them to my stuff were “recycling,” “tofu,” and “Wrath of the Lich King,” which is a fair representation of how my neurons are distributed), and then send people who have photos using the tag an automated request for permission to use them, with a link to a page where you can say “yes” or “no.”

The first two times I said “yes.” But today somebody wanted to use my World of Warcraft screenshots in something with the thesis “Video Games Destroy Lives”, which consisted mostly of a list of quotes from news stories and news-like-substance stories about random bad things happening to gamers. I could not countenance this.

My refusal has zero effect on irritating-story-writer-guy – he already has other people’s images. Nor does it confirm my journalistic ethics, as I have none. The stories about recycling and tofu are roughly equally frivolous, but I allowed them to use my photos because they appealed to my own prejudices, as the gaming story likely appeals to, say, Mom’s. (Mom was reading me the story about the kid who made himself sick playing Lich King too long last night. I was very busy going through low-level Undead quests for rep at the time.)

So basically today crowdsourcing made me vaguely grumpy, and linked to the Daily Mail. Screw you, crowdsourcing.