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Kyou Kara Maoh! through ep 14

Kyou Kara Maoh! through ep 14 published on

Oh, anime, can you possibly be any more exploitative? (Please no one answer that question.) Yuuri has cuddled with every single male cast member at least once now, I think. I appreciate the three doujinka fangirls.

I was watching this with Jenan (I’m at Jenan’s house, by the way, it smells very PITTSBURGH-Y outside), and it took us both several seconds to absorb the full implications of Conrad’s conversation about Ryan And The Panda.

Her: Wait, what? WHAT DID THAT MEAN

Me: Oh my GOD

(Fake Spoilers: Apparently, Ryan eloped with the panda. (Who the hell is Ryan? Do we know that? Does Conrad just say made-up bullshit sometimes to see if his brothers are paying attention to him?))

Wolfram’s concerns are probably quite valid, when he puts it that way: Yuuri is pretty promiscuous, and Gwendal does like cute things.

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