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It’s weird being in the Western hemisphere.

It’s weird being in the Western hemisphere. published on

People actually update their blogs while I’m awake here. I can’t get used to it.

Today I was in a doctor’s waiting room while Papaw got his eyes looked at (sibling who isn’t here – he can officially drive again! He’s very pleased about that, he thinks I don’t slow down enough at turns), and got to hear an elderly couple enthusiastically cheering the woman who called Obama an Arab. They felt the term to be a nicely cutting insult for a non-white liberal-type. One thing that’s relaxing about not being fluent in a language is that it’s harder to identify the racism. One exists permanently in a hazy fog of “Did that biker guy say something offensive? I wish he’d enunciate clearer so I can look up if I don’t want to sit next to him.” I regrettably speak Kentuckian, and the waiting room was too crowded to move.

PSA: Nobody ever buy something Food City labels “kimchi.” I don’t think they know what that means.

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