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Weather post!

Weather post! published on

There was a massive storm from about midnight to two last night. The thunder was the loudest I’ve ever heard – it sounded like the source of it was sitting on the roof. The people a few doors down got upset and went out on the balcony to yell at each other. Three times I heard something I’m pretty sure was lightning striking nearby. I moved the futon from the pallet to the floor because the pallet’s extra less-than-six-inches of altitude struck me as unnecessarily risky.

It was still drizzling a little when I went out for class this morning, and the underpass was dark because the emergency lights were dead. The main building’s lights and AC were working when I got to there, but after a few minutes one of the women from student affairs came into the classroom and said class was canceled. I’d come in early, and apparently I just barely missed some kind of announcement.

There was going to be a test this morning. I kind of just wanted to get it over with…

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