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Tsubasa ch 197, Hunter x Hunter up to v 13

Tsubasa ch 197, Hunter x Hunter up to v 13 published on

Hunter x Hunter up to to volume 13

For some reason the York Shin Auction is my favorite shounen manga arc ever. I’ve never finished the whole series (I always get bored during Greed Island), but I still re-read the auction arc once a year or so. All the stuff I like seeing in shounen is crammed in there – absolutely ridiculous fighting abilities with names like “The Indoor Fish” being described in great detail by the guy who’s killing you with them; people who really are just doing their jobs, and therefore are pretty calm about losing fights; the nicest guy in the good-guy-group completely losing his shit; the bad-guy-group with cute family dynamics who are, nonetheless, definitely evil; one of the good-guy-group proving himself more evil than the bad guys; one of the good-guy-group having a job which we actually see him doing and which actually affects his life; the bad-fighter logistics guy being just as important as everyone else; people demonstrating their trust in one another by shooting each other in the face; complicated political and economic issues being described in great detail and then disposed of by means of outbursts of violence; situations in which the good guys are completely outclassed and it actually feels like they’re in danger; people dying when they should.

It is hardcore. Also, it has Senritsu. She is adorable and needs her own manga. She will solve music-related crimes, wear cute hats, and sit around being exasperated by Kurapica’s intensity.

(I’m never going to convince my brain that Kurapica is a guy…)

Tsubasa ch 197

Syaoran in Yuuko’s big futon with his eye covered! Pile on the Syaoran=Watanuki imagery!

This is how we really know that Syaoran is Watanuki: Syaoran has made so many deals with Yuuko, at this point the only way he can pay her off is working for her forever. This is manga tradition.

People have probably mentioned this before, but Himawari has a flower for a name, and her bad luck mirrors Sakura’s good luck, so: Sakura?

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