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Yu Yu Hakusho up to 165

Yu Yu Hakusho up to 165 published on 8 Comments on Yu Yu Hakusho up to 165

Mukuro = NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER. (To the surprise of no one.)

Spoilers (including some for Hunter x Hunter up to the Greed Island arc):

Togashi has the worst case of Dangerous-Women-Must-Be-Desexed-Or-Masculinized-Syndrome that I’ve ever seen. Mukuro covers herself with bandages, talks in a hyper-masculine way, and is called “he”; Genkai is alternately an asexual old woman and an asexual little girl, and wears a mask and is called “he” for a whole arc; Biscuit Krugar from Hunter x Hunter is simultaneously an asexual old woman and an asexual little girl; Senritsu’s disfigured in a way that makes her look androgynous, got her powers from said disfigurement, and, again, sometimes gets called “he.”

Also, both Senritsu and Mukuro’s Tragic Pasts are tied to their sexuality. Mukuro was a sex slave, which led to her disfigurement and her decision to totally kill everybody and take over the world. It’s at least heavily implied, if not said outright, that Senritsu and her boyfriend played the magical song that disfigured her and killed him just before or after some drunken sex.

(Genkai comes close to having the same problem, but doesn’t quite make it, given that 1) flashback-Genkai looks like an eight-year-old (Mukuro is extremely hot, and I think pre-incident Senritsu was supposed to be, too), and I don’t think we’re supposed to believe that her relationship with Toguro was ever sexual, and 2) there’s not really any suggestion that her involvement with him damaged her in the way there is with Mukuro and Senritsu. I mean, except for the part where he killed her? But given that that was temporary, and was anyway a fairly respectable shounen-manga mentor-death, I have trouble categorizing it as a Girls Who Have Sex Must Die issue. It’s still an issue, just not that one specifically.)

Has Togashi ever done a single feminine-looking-and-acting woman who could fight? All I’m coming up with is Pakunoda, and if I remember right, she wasn’t supposed to be all that good a fighter, and, uh, didn’t they blow her up for falling in love with Kuroro or something great like that? Did Killua have a mom, and did she kill people? Killua’s mom would have to be pretty good-looking – the Fruits Basket Act, mysteriously signed into law years before Fruits Basket was ever published, mandates that all manga rich kids with family issues must have sexy moms. (It’s been a really long time since I read Hunter x Hunter, and I stopped somewhere in the middle of the Greed Island arc.)

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Well, Machi and Shizuku are feminine and both efficient killers.

I guess potentially, but we never actually see them fighting. The closest I can think of are the times 1) Shizuku vacuumed up some unnamed canon-fodder, 2) Machi walked around with Gon and Killua and scared them with her aura, and 3) Shizuku arm-wrestled Gon and lost. Not exactly compelling.

Look at this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

I don’t know about you, but those images are pretty compelling for me…… -shudder- you do NOT want to get in the way of those two women.

Agreed, they are occasionally shown as being capable of fighting. However, note that they’re not fighting any of the protagonists: they’re fighting a bunch of some unnamed cannon fodder guys, of whom dozens or hundreds more are killed by the male characters. The only named character they’re shown as capable of defeating is also a woman.

Also note how little space their fights get. Hunter x Hunter, like most shounen manga, puts a lot of the weight of its plot and character development in extended fight scenes that go on for multiple chapters and include a lot of lovely understated dialog like “You should feel flattered… Most of my opponents never even get to see this technique!” “You didn’t really think we were finished, did you?” “Your chances of winning are less than .0001%!” Can you point out a scene like that – meaning, a battle taking up at least half a chapter – involving either one of them?

(See as an example this scene or this one, both involving relatively minor male characters.)

This is from the Chimera Ant arc.

I’ll give you one such scene with one female character. That it’s with a homophobic stereotype insect, and requires her to undress, does not really make me feel better about this manga’s portrayal of its female characters.

Hunter X Hunter does pay overwhelming attention to male characters, and female characters are sexualized and/or played as stereotypes/fringe characters. I was just responding to your original question “Has Togashi ever done a single feminine-looking-and-acting woman who could fight?” And the answer to that particular question is yes. (Forgot to mention the chimera ant scorpion woman, who gets at least two decent-sized fight scenes.) Again, not trying to say that this means that HxH has a great portrayal of women or anything.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on Komugi by the way. Oh, wait, she’s in the Chimera Ant arc. Oh well.