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Attempted to drink beer today. Beer is still gross.

Attempted to drink beer today. Beer is still gross. published on

I had it with edamame and niboshi, so as to make the project all cultural in nature (the beer was Kirin), but I still couldn’t finish it.

I think alcohol and I just don’t get along unless it’s totally drowned in juice or chocolate. I got a 700 ml thing of Nikka whiskey in March, and I only finished it this week. (Whiskey belongs in soy cocoa, and sometimes in orange juice.)

People out decorating graves again today. It’s been cloudy, so there were little plastic raincoats on the lanterns. I saw a woman carrying away a box of 100-yen-store incense. The store is right next to the graveyard. I wonder how much of the incense that gets burned there – and how many of the offerings at the parking-lot shrine – come from the 100-yen-store. I’ve seen cans of vending-machine coffee sitting on the graves, too.

(My incense is all from the 100-yen-store. It’s not very good? I’m wondering where around here I can buy Nippon Kodo. I’d like to try their domestic line…)

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