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The Big Questions

The Big Questions published on

There comes a time in one’s life when one must to ask oneself: has the Takarazuka Revue ever done a production of Torikaebaya Monogatari? This time does not last very long, because obviously they have.

They have also done The Great Gatsby. And Gone With the Wind repeatedly. Moustache technology had not yet been perfected in the 80’s.

(And also Black Jack. Pompadour technology, however, was already quite advanced by the mid-90’s.)

These pictures are all so insanely awesome. I bet they have to glue new glitter on those period costumes after every show.

Edit A Minute Later: According to what appears to be one of the Revue’s official websites, the Torikaebaya one’s based on Kihara Toshie’s manga adaptation, rather than directly on the original book. This would explain the differing titles (Torikaebaya Ibun).

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