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Avatar Finale

Avatar Finale published on

It probably doesn’t count as liveblogging if 1) I’m watching it several days after it aired because I haven’t had time yet, and 2) I’m not actually blogging live because I wanted to sit on the bed, and so had to unplug the ethernet cable.

“I’m going with Zuko! – What. Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko. Now it’s my turn!”


And it looked like she made that cup spin in the air, and wait she has that tattoo, and I would be SO happy if she was an Airbender. SO HAPPY.

Aang, if you ask enough people, of course you’re eventually going to find *one* who tells you what you want to hear.

Ozai… why are you… standing… You’re an idiot, aren’t you.

(It looks very cool, though. He’s an *extremely stylish* idiot.)

Azula. You’re an idiot, aren’t you.

Oh, dirigible crew. You are *so* cute and doomed. (Doesn’t that dirigible *need* that huge crew? I mean, I’m assuming they’re not just decorative. There’s probably a reason they need to shovel all that coal.)

I really admire Jong Jong’s hair. I dunno. (He and Bumi were the only ones I recognized at first.)

The holy fuck, Azula. She’s totally having one of the family breakdowns, I’m not actually sure anymore she’s gonna die…

Good to see Ozai shares Zuko and Aang’s fondness for shirtless fights. Runs in the family!

I’ve been wondering this, why does no one ever remember Aang’s a Firebender, too? He gets the comet buff, same as everyone else. Seems like stuff should even out.

*Fuck* this shit, Zuko! The hell! You got fucked over doing ritual combat once before, and I’m pretty sure Iroh called it “barbaric” at some point, and you do not need to be playing Azula’s game here, and AGH

ZUKO WHY DID YOU EVEN SAY THAT do not INVITE her oh FUCK you. All three of you are STUPID. This is the STUPID PEOPLE fight.


THANK you, Suki.

If the Avatar state’s so smart, why doesn’t it ever *talk*?

THANK you, Katara.

I guess the show was kinda setting itself up for Aang-vs-Ozai to be the most boring of all the simultaneous battles going on. We don’t *care* about Ozai, we don’t know shit about him. And it was obviously going to involve the Avatar state at some stage, and we don’t *care* about the Avatar state. I guess Aang’s gotta snap back before the finale…

The Avatar state doesn’t talk… because what it has to say, is *totally trite*.


…Aang, honey, that’s not how *political* power is der – you know, forget it.

Could we get, like, *one* shot of the Fire Nation people looking at Zuko and going “hey, it’s that guy! Actually, we like him better than those other people, because he is not a sociopath! Three cheers for that guy!”

“This war is finally over!” Zuko, you don’t get to *decide* that. Your people were the *aggressors*, and you *lost*. Someone get some Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe people out here to start talking *sanctions*.

“All hail Firelord Zuko!” Or don’t, if perhaps you are *not from the Fire Nation*, and would maybe prefer to be hailing Earth King Kuei or someone?

…That… didn’t actually resolve everything, did it?

1) Let’s pretend this series is for grown-ups and the politics make sense! Okay?

Okay, so the ending there kinda worked on the assumption that everyone would be cool with attending Zuko’s coronation and cheering, despite the fast that 1) his people colonized and screwed over everyone else, and 2) they hate him as a traitor.

Iroh’s reasons for not fighting Ozai were exactly right. People aren’t going to see Zuko taking Azula down as a change, they’re just going to see it as a coup. It doesn’t change anything because Zuko just hasn’t been visible as a good guy. We didn’t see anything to indicate that the world’s feelings about this had, in general, changed. In that sense, there’s never been a counterweight episode for Zuko Alone.

Aang’s word won’t be enough, here. People will remember that the last Avatar was Fire Nation, and that the war happened because he didn’t want to fight his buddy. The Avatar’s impartiality is already tainted

And what about the Earth Kingdom? Is Kuei Earth King again? If not, who’s in charge over there? I can’t see Bumi taking over as Earth King unless they make Umashu the capital (which they probably can’t, Ba Sing Sei’s too symbolic), though given that it’s empty right now he’ll probably be relocating to where the chaos is for a while. And does Bumi even have an heir?

(Why were all the old guys guys? Undergrounds always have old ladies.)

Given what we saw before, there’s gotta be a massive bureaucracy taking care of Ba Sing Sei, unless the Fire Nation were idiots and killed everyone like they do. What are those guys doing if they’re still around? What’s going to happen to all those Fire Nation colonists? Are they being slaughtered by enraged Earthbenders right now? What’s the state of diplomatic relations with the Water Tribe? Do the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribe like each other? How are reparations gonna work? There’ve gotta be reparations. Send someone over from the Earth Kingdom with a list of demands, those guys are totally fucking Confucian, they know what it takes to repair infrastructure and fix up school systems and shit.

Where’s Aang gonna live, if anywhere? Katara’s going to want a house, and Aang can’t have a house in the fricking Fire Nation, too much favoritism there. The Earth Kingdom tried to kill him plenty of times, too, and his bestest friend’s not in charge over there. If he’s gonna have a house, it should be in the Earth Kingdom, or else in whichever Air Temple’s farthest away from everyone. (Can’t be the Western one, unfortunately, it’s in the Fire Nation.)

2) Are Aang and Katara seriously gonna, like, make all the new Airbenders for the next time through the cycle themselves? Is that even okay, genetically speaking? Or does Aang’s new Turtle Power allow him to make an Airbender out of, say, Teo and his dudes?

3) Okay! Okay! So where is Zuko’s mother?!

3a) Oh, my god, I changed my mind and I want June to be Zuko’s mother. Wait, no! She can be both an Airbender and Zuko’s mother! Zuko and Mai can help Aang and Katara with the Airbender repopulation project! (This is important! THINK OF THE FUTURE, people!)

4) Dang, how many dudes named “Dante” were involved in this show.

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