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My brain is a deeply trivial place.

My brain is a deeply trivial place. published on

In the middle of my dream about the Demon Kadon and her fight against the Evil Pope, as well as her interpersonal conflicts with fellow protagonists Princess Leddain and Templar Hagen, there was an interlude in which I went into the grocery store to get hot chocolate mix. Because I was nearly out. Reaching the appropriate aisle, I upon further consideration of the matter decided to buy straight cocoa powder instead, as I already had a large thing of sugar with which I wasn’t doing anything else, and because the cocoa would additionally be useful for making pudding.

This resolved, I went to check out, and the dream went back to Kadon and the pope. Except that now Zuko and Azula were there, as well as one of the evil women from Tactics (the one who spilled tea on her leg) and some monsters from Barbara Hambly’s Windrose Chronicles.

I suddenly remembered all this when I went to make hot chocolate just now, and realized that, in matters relating to groceries, the dream was exactly right on all counts. I will follow its advice after class tomorrow.

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