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Avatar 3.16-3.17 (“Are you kidding me?! I wouldn’t have cast it any other way!”)

Avatar 3.16-3.17 (“Are you kidding me?! I wouldn’t have cast it any other way!”) published on

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Damnit. I knew Azula was going to show up and break my lovely temple. You guys should have left sooner! Don’t you care about your cultural heritage, Aang!?

I was actually a little disappointed by this episode. Katara not killing Dude, and her method of not doing so, yes, that was great. But given that they were you know, hanging out together for a week, she and Zuko really didn’t talk all that much. Her decision to forgive Zuko didn’t really flow with everything else.

Also, Zuko calling Aang on “violence is never the answer.” “Aang, killing my dad is the premise of this show, and you are the title character. Get over yourself.”

Best line:

SOKKA: So can I borrow Momo for a week?
AANG: Why do you need Momo?
SOKKA: *”dunno” noise*


“My father hasn’t come here since my family was happy. And that was a long time ago.”

Man, Zuko, you are just milking it at this point. Also, if we don’t count Iroh, your family consists of two sociopaths and two professional victims. I mean, sure, maybe the two sociopaths were kinda happy – they still seem to smile a lot! – but you and your mommy? Noooo.

I love Aang and Toph’s genderbent casting, and Toph’s glee therein. And how everyone laughs except Zuko, who is horrified, because he is a dork. (I wonder if there’s some sort of theatre this is riffing off of, specifically… I’m assuming they’re not just going for American summer theatre.) Also, when she whacks Zuko. I will almost forgive them for giving her nothing to do recently, provided that we don’t regress too badly.

I appreciate how everyone totally forgot that they were witnessing a play in the Fire Nation, which would presumably not be sympathetic to the whole Killing The Firelord plan.

(I don’t know if it’s really, really obvious, but I totally don’t care about the romances.)

Best lines:

ZUKO: Did Jet just… die?
SOKKA: You know, it was really unclear…

(Presumably someone at some point apprised Zuko of the Jet situation, since this would be an overly cruel way for him to find out.)

SOKKA: Here’s what you missed – we went to the Fire Nation, and you got better, and Katara was the Painted Lady, and I got a sword, and, I think Combustion Man died.

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