Jul 19 2008

Tag: wordpress,wtf internet — 7:43 pm

A WordPress plugin that works up to at least 2.5.1 that does threaded comments and email notifications, and seems to work fine so far. (The templates it includes are pretty bad, though – I had to put together my own.) If this had gone up a few days later, I’d suspect that the guy timed it to coincide with LiveJournal’s most recent episode of cleverness.

(I still haven’t found anything that mimics friends-lock functionality perfectly. It would probably have to combine OpenIDs and something like this.)

Jul 19 2008

Why Yahoo Private Domain Registration Is Not Private

In short:

It’s not possible to either transfer or cancel a domain registered this way without making your personal information public. Yahoo’s description of the service is dishonest about this.

At length:

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