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The internet lies to me.

The internet lies to me. published on

I have been trying to catch up on GUNNM: Last Order, but there are chapters missing in the scanlations. I google for it, and find message board people claiming that there aren’t any chapters missing, and the fact that it goes from 62 to 66 is due to a numbering discrepancy. This is demonstrably untrue. The beginning of 66 talks about a Sechs/Tentacle-Yankee fight that clearly isn’t the same one as the last Sechs/Tentacle-Yankee fight we saw – the one in chapter 60 – because Tentacle-Yankee says Sechs made him promise something during the fight, which did not happen in chapter 60! I am being cruelly deprived of a Sechs fight scene! I can’t even find raws! My life is harrowing.

I am a terrible person, because I am enjoying the main Gally plotline less than I am the one where Sechs gets repeatedly sexually harassed by a guy who can reasonably be nicknamed “Tentacle-Yankee.”

Though the main Gally plotline is actually suddenly awesome again! It’s still probably going to consist entirely of flashbacks and Fighting Your Jungian Double On The Astral Plane for a while longer, but that’s okay now, because it actually went to the place I’d given up on it ever going! Gally’s brain has been a chip since the first volume! She’s been a fake the whole time, just like Sechs, Elf, and Zwolf! They’ll refuse to call her “original” anymore, and will invite her to their secret Bitter Android Brain-Clone Parties! I expect awesomeness of this, Kishiro! Awesomeness and bullying!

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