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Mata jishin

Mata jishin published on

We had spoken tests today. There was an earthquake right in the middle of mine, and I had to start over, and still messed up the sentence with all the “te”‘s and “tte”‘s. I practiced that forever. Evidently I’m much less amused by earthquakes when I’m not in my room. I kept thinking, “What if the school is not properly stowing its hazardous chemicals? For surely it must have some. What place of learning does not?”

Yesterday some people from the student affairs office came to put my window screen back in, as it fell out and tried to kill an old couple when I opened the window after the last earthquake. They (the people from student affairs office, not the old couple) scolded me for still not having the AC turned on. I hadn’t even really noticed it was hot. I didn’t really feel hot today, either, but got my first heat-headache of the summer, and so gave up and turned on the AC. Also bought ice cream. Japan has some funny ideas about ice cream. I – naturally – have an upset stomach.

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