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Avatar 3.01-3.08

Avatar 3.01-3.08 published on



Okay, good ominous season premiere. Angst, end of the world, burn the staff! “Load the Toph!”


Aww. I like this episode.


Filler! Oh boy! Filler relating to a big bad factory manufacturing nothing specific, everyone loves that kind!


More filler, mostly! With training montages! Fine! Whatever! (I guess they couldn’t find a voice actor they liked for Iroh, and that’s why he’s not talking?)


This episode is non-canonical, okay? Everyone just pretend like it never happened.


“Souzen was still alive in the end!” Zuko. Sweetheart. You were reading the man’s autobiography.

In general, people have four great-grandfathers. Maybe the Zuko’s-Destiny one is one of the others. Maybe one of them got so mad at a dessert or a novelty t-shirt that he had a heart attack.

Hahaha, Zuko and Azula are Aang’s descendants! Zuko’s mommy is Aang’s descendant! He’s going to have to do some kind of pratfall when he figures that out.

How could Souzen possibly have been sure the Avatar hadn’t been reborn in the Water Tribe during his lifetime? He was already old when he decided to start the war, and it should have taken at least a few more years for him to mobilize an army and wipe out the Air Nomads. People do live pretty much forever in Avatar-land, but it seems kind of extreme.

Also, not entirely germane to this episode, but why the huge age difference between Ozai and Iroh? Unless Ozai’s had work done, there’s like twenty-five years between them. It’d work if the Fire Kings were polygamous and they’re actually half-brothers, but that’s not something that appears to happen in Avatar-land. I guess Azulan remarried? Is there going to be backstory on this?

Toph: Do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?
Aang: I don’t see why not.
Sokka: Well, scientifically speaking, there’s no way to prove that –
Katara: Oh, Sokka, just hold hands!


Katara, you remember the whole “I steal from pirates” thing? Yes.

Okay, the getting-hit-by-a-wagon one was not so much so.

Toph’s dad sent evil crazy men to kidnap her, right? Why is she not angry?


Man, why’s Hama gotta be evil?! She’s so great! Excepting the whole genocide thing, I fully endorse her ideas! And she has great lines! “Once I had mastered the rats… I was ready for the men.” “My work is done. Congratulations, Katara – you’re a blood bender.”

Also, she induces Katara to say, “My bending is more powerful than yours, Hama! Your technique is useless on me!” That’s always a plus.

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