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I spoke too soon.

I spoke too soon. published on

The technical problem is still a problem. Mutter.

I’ve started re-reading Card Captor Sakura because I’m still too grumpy to read anything new, and I’ve just had a revelation about xxxHolic.

Cut for circular spoilers for both xxxHolic up to 157 and all of CCS:

Watanuki == CCS!Yuki/Yui? Or at least Yuki/Yui’s thematic double/opposite? They’re both glasses-wearing guys with Something To Do With Clow Reed who at some point have a revelation that they don’t remember their families and their lives are dreams. In Yuki’s case, this is correct; in Watanuki’s, it looks like no.

Though xxxHolic/Tsubasa has mentioned CCS!Sakura and CCS!Shaoran, no one’s yet said anything about Touya, Yuki/Yui, and Kero’s whereabouts.

No idea how this ties into being Close To Shaoran In His Heart, unless Shaorans just have a genetic predisposition towards crushing on Yukis. (I remember when I first started Tsubasa being disappointed that Shaoran did not get little hearts over his head for Clow Country!Yuki.)

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