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(I’m still all sore from yesterday.)

(I’m still all sore from yesterday.) published on

Apparently I go to bed and get up earlier than anyone in my class. This is completely hilarious.

We all had to do an interview with Sensu-sensei to make sure we didn’t think the school was awful or anything. My only comment was that kanji is kinda hard (she agrees – Sleep-san corrects her sometimes), so we got side-tracked after a minute. Sensu-sensei likes CLAMP (particularly Tokyo Babylon), Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Yoshimoto Banana, and Yukio Mishima. CLAMP and Yoshimoto cause her to sigh in a dreamy manner. She also likes Murakami and isn’t too sure about Mushishi, but I will forgive her these sins.

Also, much of Fretful-sensei’s self-introduction consisted of a list of the shounen manga she likes, with Bleach and Naruto at the top. Why suddenly all the otaku teachers?

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