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Today I walked about a million miles.

Today I walked about a million miles. published on

Warning: This is a post explaining that I walked a lot and am tired. It is boring. Do not read it.

I was trying to find a store that Heteronormativity-san suggested to me for graduation present-related purposes. He described the store as being “out the back side of South Park.” (Just now, I considered writing that in Japanese as “Minami Kouen,” or even half-translating it as “Minami Park,” but decided that that was the wussy way.) I’d never been to the park before, and got completely lost trying to find it – I walked about an hour before concluding that it must be way farther away than it had looked on the map. Half an hour back, on the opposite side of the street, I noticed a sign saying “South Park.” I’d gotten confused about which side it was on. I don’t know left from right! This explains almost everything.

Assuming that by “the back side,” he meant the side opposite of where I came in (where the big sign was), I walked through the park. There were about a million familes with kids there, and most of them also had a small, unhappy-looking dog with fur better adapted to cooler climates. (I did see a couple shaved fluffy-dogs, but they both still had their big neck-ruffs. Apparently those were too cute to remove.) Several small children found my presence distracting – one said “Konnichiwa” to me in a sort of scolding manner, I think because I didn’t look properly embarrassed when her small fuzzy dog stopped to pee on a fencepost, and another noticed me and, answering a question her Dad asked her, abruptly switched from saying “Hai” to “Yes.” (I could be French or something, you know…)

Out the other end of the park, however, there was only a large chain grocery store and a bunch of houses. Nothing resembling the store I was looking for. I walked around both the sides, still couldn’t find it, and finally decided I would have to give up and do my gift shopping in Nagoya again. I then walked the rest of the million miles back, and drank a lot of orange juice and muttered.

We had a test Friday. Yesterday there was a mass email from Sensu-sensei including the worrying statement, “The tests are all graded, and everyone tried really hard!” This fills me with confidence.

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