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Best Manga Plot Synopsis Ever

Best Manga Plot Synopsis Ever published on 8 Comments on Best Manga Plot Synopsis Ever

“The four vast duke houses Bezarius family’s next term owner, Oz Bezarius, a 15 year old who is being thrown into an abyss of darkness prison because of sins his body know not of when he was at the coming-of-age ceremony. Oz met the black rabbit(B-rabbit)which is stained by blood, which called upon the chain Alice, will the exchanging of contract help him escape the abyss successfully?”

Peanut-Butter Monkey Pandora Hearts

I am determined to read this.

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umm i had a better plot. a nice maid turn’s evil bye hate. so she kill’s the queen. the maid’s sister get’s a magical ball and trap’s the queen’s and the maid’s soul in there to stop evil. the ball break’s and the two soul’s turn into a 15 year old girl named megume!

Gingy – I’m in complete agreement. This manga would be much improved were Oz a girl.

Katy – Yeah, it could use some more action. The comedy can fall a little flat, too. To be honest, there are occasional downsides to mimicking CLAMP that obsessively.

Tina – That’s an excellent story! Except you might want to spell “Megume” like “Megumi,” if this is supposed to be set in Japan.