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Don’t do that in the Izakaya!

Don’t do that in the Izakaya! published on

Heteronormativity-san, agitated: Look what he’s doing! Sleep-san bought a drink from the vending machine and brought it in!

*Sleep-san is sitting at the other end of the table, drinking a can of coffee and looking grumpily at the menu on the wall.*

Me: – oh, yeah.

Heteronormativity-san, with great indignation: You don’t do that! You buy the drinks here!

Me: But he did! He has great power.

Heteronormativity-san: Yes, he did it…

Me: He plays by his own rules.

Heteronormativity-san, very unhappily: Oh, he does?

Maybe there are very strict rules about not doing this in Belgium, I don’t know.

(This conversation was actually in English, because Sleep-san doesn’t speak it.)

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