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Screw you, health.

Screw you, health. published on

I thought I was feeling gross because I’d been eating nothing but Idiot Food (ie, plain rice, ramen, and small marshmallow cookies), but I’ve consumed twice my usual dose of Spinach And Orange Juice Detox the past 48 hours, and my head still creaks when I move. And I feel all hot, and I haven’t had the heat on all day. So the room probably isn’t really hot.

Things That I Never, Ever Actually Have In The Room, Even When I Keep Thinking “I Totally Need To Buy That” For Like A Month

1) thermometer
2) emergency earthquake kit

If I don’t put together the earthquake kit, that probably means there’ll be an earthquake next week, so I should do that and so prevent Okazaki from being leveled by earthquakes.

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